Yacht Tui returning to HarbourBoth Eastbourne RNLI’s lifeboats were launched this afternoon at the request of Dover Coastguard when a local yacht reported a fire on board


Two people aboard their 26ft yacht were cruising close inshore when they noticed what appeared to be smoke coming from their engine compartment accompanied with a strong smell of diesel. They shut their engine down and immediately called Dover Coastguard for assistance. Both lifeboats were launched with the inshore boat arriving on scene in less than 10 minutes of the request. Both occupants of the casualty vessel were taken aboard the ILB whilst the all-weather lifeboat assessed the status of the yacht. With no fire evident, volunteer crewmen were put aboard to secure the vessel and rig a towline. The yacht was then taken under tow to the safety of the locks at Sovereign Harbour where it was met by East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.