A 12 metre yacht ran into difficulties whilst approaching Eastbourne on Saturday evening when its engine failed and required the assistance of Eastbourne lifeboat and her volunteer crew.

The recently acquired vessel with two people on board had departed from Brighton earlier in the day, the couple’s intention being to visit Eastbourne before proceeding to their home port in Holland. Unfortunately the elderly vessel suffered a fuel contamination problem whilst rounding Beachy Head and without engine power was in danger of being swept onto the rocks. Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat was launched at the request of Dover Coastguard and arrived on scene shortly afterwards. A local charter fishing vessel which was in the area and had overhead radio communications between the yacht and coastguard rescue services at Dover was standing by the stricken yacht in case further assistance was required was stood down with thanks upon the arrival of the lifeboat. The casualty vessel was then taken under tow to the safety of Sovereign Harbour.

Image: Casualty vessel safely alongside in Sovereign Harbour