Tues 16th: ALB launched at 16.16 following a request to Dover coastguard for assistance from a 16 metre yacht with five people on board 4 miles off Sovereign Harbour with engine failure. The vessel was taken under tow to Sovereign Harbour.

Weds 17th : ALB launched at 12.45 to assist 24ft motor sports boat with engine failure half mile off Beachy Head. Petrol had been leaking into the vessels engine bay and was posing a serious risk. The lone crewman was taken off and the vessel was vented to remove the highly volatile fumes on board. The craft was then towed to Sovereign Harbour where specialist engineers inspected the vessel before allowing it to enter the marina.

Weds 17th:   This event has been widely reported in the media but with factual errors, it was therefore considered the following report should be published.
Eastbourne inshore lifeboat was launched at 14.20 following a report that a car had been driven off the cliffs at Cow Gap. With nothing found at the location given, the search was expanded until eventually the vehicle was found below the cliffs at Belle Tout. Volunteer crewmen were landed and confirmed that one person was still in the vehicle. Lifeboat Medical Adviser Doctor Stephen Lytton was able to confirm on scene that the casualty was deceased. Assistance was requested from the maritime response team (fire brigade) to assist with the removal of the casualty from the upturned vehicle. By the time the response team had assembled and had been transported to the scene by Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat, the rising tide had made recovery impossible. The operation was therefore suspended until the next suitable tide.

Thurs 18th:  Both boats launched at 09.00 with maritime response team and police officers on board to recover person from car. Once released from the vehicle the casualty was taken to the ILB station and passed into the care of the police coroner.

Thurs 18th:  ILB launched at 15.00 ILB to reports received from concerned onlookers that an inflatable dinghy with two people on board was in trouble off Eastbourne pier.  When on scene it was established that the persons had made their own way safely ashore. The volunteer lifeboat crew went ashore and offered safety advice to the occupants of the dinghy.

Fri 19th: ILB launched at 15.30 following 999 reports from members of the public that a swimmer was in trouble in Pevensey Bay. When the volunteer crew had located the swimmer he was found to be safe and well and was escorted to the beach from whence he came.

Fri 19th:  Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat was launched at 17.00 after the inexperienced owner of a 20ft power boat reported to the emergency services via mobile phone that his vessel had suffered fuel starvation problems off Beachy Head. Fearful that the vessel could be swept onto the dangerous rocks in the area the ALB was quickly on scene. The vessel was taken under tow and passed to the marina workboat at Sovereign Harbour.

Fri 19th ILB launched at 22.20 to assist kayaker off Sovereign Harbour. Residents had observed the craft moored alongside the channel markers with the occupant evidently enjoying some angling. When daylight failed and they were unable to see the person they telephoned the emergency services at Dover Coastguard. The kayaker was found by the volunteer crew loading his craft onto his car before returning home.