Chairman of the Eastbourne Lifeboat Management Group

Dr Colin McKee

Is a figurehead for all RNLI activities that take place in and around Eastbourne.

The Eastbourne Lifeboat Operations Management Team:

Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM)

Mr Carl Pocock

The position of Lifeboat Operations Manager is an Honorary one. Usually bestowed on a person with good knowledge of the local sea area and conditions. Always the first point of contact when one of Eastbourne’s Lifeboats is requested to launch to an incident at sea by the nearest Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centre. In the case of Eastbourne this could be either Dover or Solent MRCC.

Additionally, the LOM is responsible for the day to day affairs relating to the Lifeboat Station. The three Deputy Launching Authorities will stand in for the LOM when he is unavailable or on holiday. Also, each Launching Authority may take it in turn to cover at weekends.

Deputy Launching Authorities (DLA)

Mr Bob Jeffery
Mr Paul Gregory

Lifeboat Treasurer (LT)

Mr Keith Stevens

Deals with income and expenditure for both the Lifeboat Station and the Fundraising Branch. Responsible for the payment of crew allowances incurred when attending training courses etc. Receipts and acknowledges all donations from whatever source, claims Gift Aid where appropriate and compiles ongoing financial records and statements for use by the Eastbourne Lifeboat Station, Branch and RNLI Headquarters.

Lifeboat Press Officer (LPO)

Mr Bob Jeffery

The LPO has a very valuable role, to keep the public informed about the activities of the RNLI and in particular the Lifeboats. This helps to keep the RNLI in the minds of people as the Institution relies on voluntary donations to survive.

Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer (LSSO)

Mr Terry Colbran

The Role of the LSSO ( Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer ) is to promote the aims of the RNLI in saving lives by changing the attitudes and behaviour of Leisure Boatowners, and to promote the RNLI as being recognised as the leading provider of Sea Safety information.

 Chairmen of The Fund Raising Team

Mrs Jill Scott-Taggart 

Locally, there are more than 200 branch members. The members meet at the Langhams Hotel every 2nd Friday for coffee, an interesting speaker and a raffle.  The Committee organises these events, together with Souvenirs sales and bucket Collections and other local events.  For details – see Fundraising.

Secretary to the Eastbourne Lifeboat Management Group

Mrs Judith Kewley

Assists the Chairman and LOM with the office work side of administration. Takes minutes at the Regatta Meetings and writes letters.



Station Officer History

Station Coxswain 1853 -1880

Joseph Huggett

Station Coxswain 1880 – 1884

Charles “Bones” Hide 


Station Coxswain 1884 – 1900

Jesse Huggett 

Station Coxswain 1900 – 1911

Benjamin Erridge 


Station Coxswain 1911 – 1919

Harry “Tim” Erridge 


Station Mechanic 1919 – 1924

Henry Philip Boniface 


Station Mechanic 08/1921 – 11/1923

Charles Benjamin Whitmore

Station Coxswain 02/1924 – 12/1951

Michael Frederick Hardy 

Station Mechanic 02/1924 – 02/1929

Henry Thomas 

Station Mechanic 07/1929 – 06/1940

Henry Thomas 

Station Mechanic 06/1940 – 03/1948

George A Boniface  

Station Mechanic 03/1948 – 02/1949

H J Boniface

Station Coxwain 01/1951 – 07/1961

Thomas Allchorn

Station Coxswain 02/1949 – 11/1955

Michael Frederick Thomas Hardy 


Station Coxswain 07/1961 – 06/1966

John Bassett  


Station Coxswain & Mechanic 01/1956 – 08/1965

Kenneth Mulliner Cramphorn 

Station Coxswain & Mechanic 06/1966 – 12/1969

Derec Alec Huggett  


Station Coxswain & Mechanic 09/1965 – 11/1969

Alan Anthony Clement Pitcher 

Station Coxswain & Mechanic 01/1970 – 02/1981

Derec Alec Huggett 


Station Coxswain & Mechanic 03/1981 – 03/1984 

Ronald Wheeler 


Station Coxswain & Mechanic 04/1984 – 02/1991 

Graham Frederick Edward Cole 


Station Coxswain & Mechanic 1991 – 12/2001  

David Victor Corke 


Station Coxswain 2001 – 

Mark Sawyer