Due to the generosity of lifeboat supporter Spencer Bell and his family the crew of Eastbourne lifeboats have been issued with new state-of-the-art lifejackets 

When Walter Reeves, a long time supporter of Eastbourne Lifeboats, passed away recently the Bell family wanted to mark his passing with a lasting memorial to his voluntary fundraising work for the RNLI. The new jackets proved to be the ideal legacy. Developed exclusively for lifeboat crew, the jackets are a huge improvement on previous models and provide unrivalled levels of safety and comfort. Unfortunately these improvements do not come cheaply and to replace all jackets on a busy lifeboat station like Eastbourne costs several thousands of pounds.

The Bell family, with Walter’s widow Elsie, were shown around Eastbourne lifeboat at the weekend and tried on some of the new lifejackets for themselves. During the visit a plaque to mark the event was unveiled at the lifeboat station.

Picture shows the Bell family, Spencer, Karen Joshua and Rory with Elsie Reeves and some of Eastbourne lifeboat crew.