A lone yachtsman sailing his 32ft boat was saved from potential disaster by the vigilance of passersby when they reported their concerns to HM Coastguard having watched the erratic course of the yacht which had strayed dangerously close inshore. 

Having received several 999 calls Dover Coastguard requested the launch of RNLI Eastbourne’s all weather lifeboat to investigate. Locating the vessel approximately one mile from the entrance to Sovereign Harbour heading inshore in shallow water lifeboat coxswain Mark Sawyer instructed the skipper to alter course immediately to avoid foundering on the beach. Having guided the yacht to safer water communications confirmed that the lone yachtsman had become disorientated in the darkness and was unable to locate the harbour entrance. Unwilling to accept assistance aboard his own vessel the yachtsman requested guidance into harbour. The ALB escorted the vessel into the locks at Sovereign Harbour where it was met by a waiting Coastguard official.