Image: Safe home in Sovereign Harbour

Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat launched shortly after 3pm yesterday afternoon (11 Feb.) in response to a call for help from a lone angler when he was unable to start the engine of his 18ft boat.  

The angler had been drifting over a local fishing ground known as The Horse of Willingdon some three miles offshore in Eastbourne Bay. Having decided to return to harbour he found the main engine on his craft would not start, fortunately being well equipped, he had a small auxiliary outboard which he brought into service for the short trip back to shore. The emergency engine struggled to cope with the sea conditions so the angler wisely sought assistance from Dover Coastguard who requested the lifeboat launch. Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat was soon on scene and towed the casualty vessel to the safety of the locks at Sovereign Harbour.