Sunday proved to be a very mixed day for the volunteer crew of Eastbourne Lifeboats. In the morning they assisted a crewman aboard a 36 metre beam trawler and in the afternoon rescued a small disabled yacht. 

Whilst on a training exercise HM Coastguard requested the all-weather lifeboat to rendezvous with a Belgium trawler in Eastbourne Bay to help a crewman who had sustained a serious hand injury and required medical attention. The crewman was transferred to the ALB and taken to Sovereign Harbour where he was collected by the inshore lifeboat and taken ashore to a waiting ambulance.

In the afternoon the crew were paged to assist a 26ft yacht which had fouled it’s propeller on abandoned fishing gear. A local fishing vessel had responded to the yachts call for help and taken it under tow to the harbour entrance. The ALB took over the tow and brought the disabled vessel into the safety of the marina locks.