Both Eastbourne lifeboats were involved in fruitless shoreline searches over the weekend with the all-weather lifeboat also rescuing a stranded yacht with engine failure. 

The inshore lifeboat was paged last week when a loose dog was seen to fall from the cliff-top at Beachy Head whilst chasing a seagull. To prevent the distraught owner attempting to recover the animal the volunteer crew were assembled and conducted a search along the beach. Unfortunately nothing was found.

On Saturday (4 July) at approximately 4.30pm the all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch by Dover Coastguard to recover a 10 metre yacht with two people on board which had suffered engine failure three miles south-west of Sovereign Harbour. The yacht was towed to the harbour entrance and passed to a waiting marina workboat.

Early on Sunday morning (5 July) a commercial fishing vessel spotted an unattended windsurf board floating just outside the harbour entrance and informed Dover Coastguard. Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launched as a precaution to conduct a search for a potential missing casualty. The board which showed signs of being in the water for some time and was unrigged was recovered to the ILB. The volunteer ILB crew then conducted a thorough search of the area taking into account wind and tide directions. After 90 minutes with nothing found and no reports of a missing person the search was abandoned and the ILB returned to station.

Image: Passing casualty vessel to marina work-boat