A 40ft motor cruiser with 8 people on board got into difficulties four miles offshore when it lost steerage and was unable to return to harbour (Monday 29 June) 

The initial alert was received when the skipper of the cruiser made contact with Sovereign Harbour and requested assistance. With the marina being unable to help the request was passed to the marine rescue co-ordination centre at Dover Coastguard who in turn requested the launch of Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat (ALB). The volunteer ALB crew assembled, launched and were on scene in a matter of minutes. A towline was attached but without steerage on the cruiser the tow back to harbour was challenging. With great skill, lifeboat Coxswain Mark Sawyer and his crew manoeuvred the stricken cruiser through the marina locks and onto a berth to await repairs.

Entering Sovereign Harbour