HM Coastguard requested the assistance of the volunteer crew of Eastbourne lifeboats on Saturday morning when a yacht struck an underwater obstruction near the harbour entrance 

Shortly after leaving Sovereign Harbour with four persons on board the yacht, bound for Boulogne, struck the submerged wreck of the SS Barnhill near the marina entrance. The sudden impact knocked the crew off their feet causing various injuries. The yacht’s skipper called for assistance from HM Coastguard who immediately requested the launch of Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat. Whilst the volunteer lifeboat crew were preparing to launch, the yacht’s skipper managed to manoeuvre his vessel back into the marina locks. The lifeboat launch was cancelled and the assembled crew went to the assistance of the injured people on the damaged yacht.

Following assessment of the casualties the yacht was taken to the marina hoist bay for lifting where the most serious casualty was removed from the yacht by the lifeboat crew and passed into the care of a waiting ambulance team.