A 30ft yacht with two persons on board ran aground in Norman’s Bay on Sat. Afternoon (8 April) and had to call upon the volunteer crew of Eastbourne lifeboat for assistance. 

The yacht was close inshore on a falling tide and went aground on a sand bar in Norman’s bay. Unable to use their VHF radio the crew phoned Sovereign Harbour for assistance; the duty lock-keeper passed the information on to HM Coastguard. Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was requested to launch and was on scene shortly thereafter. The lifeboat’s ‘Y boat’ was launched (a two man rib stored under the deck of the ALB see attached photo) and went to the aground vessel to assess the situation. With no apparent damage and no ingress of water it was decided the best course of action was to wait for the tide to flood so that the yacht would refloat itself. One of the yacht’s crew was taken aboard the ALB and the skipper stayed with his vessel for the long wait for the tide. After 3 hours the vessel was refloated and escorted back into Sovereign Harbour by the ALB