Another busy weekend for Eastbourne Lifeboats started on Friday evening when a distraught dog owner entered the water in pursuit of her pet which refused to return to shore

The partner of a dog owner dialled the emergency services when she decided to swim out in pursuit of her dog. The volunteer crew of Eastbourne inshore lifeboat (ILB) was paged to assist by Dover Coastguard. As is usually the case with dogs who love the water, the animal safely returned to shore when it was ready leaving the owner cold and wet still in the water. Fortunately in this instance the owner too was able to return to shore unaided. Subsequently the lifeboat was stood down from service. The ILB was paged again on Saturday evening following a report from a member of the public that four people in a rubber dinghy where having difficulty returning to shore in Norman’s Bay. When on scene the crew found the four safely ashore blissfully unaware they had been the subject of an alert.

Both lifeboats were engaged in training exercises on Sunday morning with no incidents to report. Later in the day, at 4.30pm, the all-weather lifeboat crew were paged to assist two people aboard a 10 metre cruiser when it ran out of fuel. The vessel was taken under tow to Sovereign Harbour where it was collected by a marina work boat. No sooner had the crew returned to station when they were paged again to assist a visiting German yacht 4 miles south of the harbour which had caught some rope around its propeller and was unable to make way. The yacht was towed to the outer harbour where again the casualty was passed to a waiting work boat.