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Lifeboat rescues six from shipping lanes

Eastbourne all weather lifeboat was tasked on Saturday afternoon to rescue six deep sea anglers 18 miles from harbour when their vessel suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure.   The 28ft vessel based in Sovereign Harbour was 18 miles south of Eastbourne with six people on board when it lost all propulsion. It’s position in the busy shipping lanes of the Dover Strait make it vulnerable to collision from commercial traffic which constantly traverses the area. In less than an hour the volunteer lifeboat crew had assembled and were on scene where a towline was attached to the stricken vessel and...

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Eastbourne Lifeboat rescues 120 tonne vessel

The volunteer crew of Eastbourne lifeboat were paged at 1.30pm on Friday to assist the largest vessel in the local commercial fishing fleet which had lost all power when its propeller became obstructed.  The 120 tonne Royal Sovereign was working six miles offshore when ropes became entangled around the propeller of the single engine anchoring the vessel to the seabed. Unable to manoeuvre or clear the obstruction the crew had no option but to request assistance. The Royal Sovereign’s sister ship Beachy Head which was also working in the area came to assist and managed to cut Royal Sovereign...

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Eastbourne Lifeboat in mid channel rescue

Eastbourne and Dungeness lifeboats were involved in a multi-agency rescue yesterday when an open rib with nine people on board was reported as being in difficulties 26 miles east of Sovereign Harbour.  Earlier in the day, Dungeness and Dover lifeboats, along with coastguard rescue helicopter 163 were tasked to search for the rib in the busy shipping lanes of the English Channel. Once located, the casualties who had been adrift all night in severe weather conditions were in need of urgent medical assessment so to avoid delay in towing the rib back to harbour it was decided to task...

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10:00 Eastbourne Half Marathon @ Princes Park Eastbourne
Eastbourne Half Marathon @ Princes Park Eastbourne
Mar 4 @ 10:00 – 13:00
The Eastbourne Half Marathon race will be started by Carl Pocock, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Princes Park.  1,400 to 1,500 runners are expected to take part.  Runners pay an entrance fee and the fees go[...]

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Come along to this session and and get tips and advice from our Lifeboat Coxswain Mark Sawyer on crossing the shipping lanes safely and with confidence and also enjoy a lovely French themed lunch. ⛵️🍷🇫🇷

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Pictured here is 2 of our volunteer crew members David Sawyer and Alan Simister who helped out at "Splosh" an annual event run by Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association where berth holders are given the chance to get their life jackets inspected by The RNLI's Sea Safety Team before being given the chance to jump into the pool fully clothed and see how their life jackets inflated and supported them in the water. They were then shown how a life raft inflated and given the opportunity to recover themselves from the water into the life raft. ...

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The All Weather Lifeboat is currently out on a service call. 17.45 hrs Tuesday 20th Feb. ...

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Splosh! A really good session but 2 life jackets failed, and also one of the elderly life rafts donated to us for the session was rather loathe to perform! A timely reminder that our kit needs to be regularly serviced otherwise it may fail just at the time we need it! Thanks to David, Alan and Mark from Eastbourne RNLI and Terry Colbran and his team.

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Some pictures from Saturday's shout 17th Feb to a 10 metre angling boat with mechanical failure that had six persons on board 18 miles south of Sovereign Harbour which put it in the middle of the busy shipping lanes . The casualty was safely towed back to Sovereign Harbour. ...

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