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RNLI rescue figures reveal a busy 2014 for Sussex volunteer lifeboat crews

Lifeboat crews along the coast of Sussex were kept busy in 2014, according to figures released by the RNLI charity today (28 January). Collectively, crew from the eight lifeboat stations in the area launched on 442 rescue missions last year, to attend a wide range of incidents including commercial vessels in trouble, distressed fishermen, swimmers, and leisure marine users. Overall the crew rescued a total of 453 people. Of those, 17 people were given first aid, and 9 incidents were classed as “lives saved” – a specific RNLI criteria where a person would have most likely died if not for the RNLI rescuing them. The busiest lifeboat station in the county was Eastbourne, launching 120 times and rescuing 131 people, making it the RNLI’s second busiest coastal lifeboat station in 2014 (the busiest was Poole, Dorset).  The figures also show that more than a third of the lifeboat launches (177 launches) in Sussex were after nightfall – when many people are safely at home, in the pub or driving their cars, our volunteer crews launch into the unknown to assist those in distress. Allen Head, Divisional Operations Manager for the RNLI, said: ‘Yet again our volunteers have had a very busy 12 months. 2014 was the warmest year on record for the UK, but conversely the winter storms of January and February brought damaging winds and inland and coastal flooding....

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Three saved by Eastbourne Lifeboat

Three anglers became stranded six miles offshore when the engine of their vessel refused to start after an afternoon’s fishing   The group had left Sovereign Harbour earlier in the day to enjoy a few hours fishing in the bright winter sunshine. Unfortunately when it became time to return to port there was insufficient power in the boats batteries to start the engine. Left with no alternative and being swept along in the flooding tide they contacted Dover Coastguard for assistance. The rescue co-ordination centre at Dover requested the launch of Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat Diamond Jubilee. The volunteer crew assembled and were quickly on scene. A towline was rigged and the casualty vessel, along with its occupants, was returned to the safety of Sovereign Harbour where a marina workboat took over the tow and returned the casualty to its...

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RNLI Eastbourne rescue four men in a boat

Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat responded to a Mayday distress call on Sunday afternoon when the engine of a small fishing boat ‘exploded’ seven miles offshore    The four fisherman were seven miles south-east of Sovereign Harbour when the engine of their 8 metre vessel emitted a loud bang. Fearful that a disaster was about to follow, the occupants put out an all stations distress alert on their VHF radio. The distress was picked up by Dover Coastguard and the Boarder Agency vessel Searcher which was patrolling in the area. Searcher stood by the stricken vessel whilst Dover Coastguard requested the assistance of Eastbourne RNLI. Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat launched and was soon on scene at which time Searcher was stood down. Two volunteer crewmen from the lifeboat were put aboard the casualty vessel to ensure all was secure and then a tow was rigged. The long journey back to harbour was then commenced with the party arriving at the marina locks over an hour later, cold but otherwise...

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Eastbourne lifeboats rescue 3 at Beachy Head

Both Eastbourne lifeboats were scrambled as darkness fell on Saturday evening to rescue three people cut off by the tide near the Beachy Head lighthouse. Two paragliders were enjoying the thermals above the cliffs at Beachy Head until one of the pair lost lift and was forced to make a controlled landing on the beach below. The remaining paraglider landed on the cliff-top and made contact with Dover Coastguard by dialling 999 on his mobile phone. Whilst aloft the pair had already spotted two other people on the beach below who appeared to be cut off by the very high tide. Initially Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launched but with darkness closing in swiftly, and three casualties to be extracted from the beach, back-up was requested by Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat (ALB). With both boats on scene the casualties were ferried from the beach by the ILB and transferred to the ALB they were then taken to Sovereign Harbour where they were met by local Coastguard...

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Lifeboat in search for missing swimmer

Eastbourne RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat was launched on Friday afternoon to search for a swimmer reported to be seen in atrocious conditions in the swell off Eastbourne pier The initial report was from a member of the public enjoying afternoon tea on Eastbourne pier who observed what they thought was a swimmer heading out to sea from the nearby Bandstand beach. Their 999 call to Dover Coastguard resulted in the mobilisation of emergency services including Eastbourne Lifeboats, the local coastguard team and Coastguard Rescue Helicopter104. First on scene Eastbourne RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat under the command of Deputy Coxswain Paul Rogers was unable to locate anything other than various traces of flotsam and jetsam stirred up by the recent stormy conditions. With nothing found on the initial search of the immediate area it was deemed appropriate to request airborne assistance. Rescue helicopter 104 was scrambled from its base on the Solent to assist. The combined emergency services conducted a thorough search of a wide area from Sovereign Harbour to Holywell with nothing found and the search was eventually abandoned with nothing found several hours after the original alert. With darkness falling in gale force conditions all services were stood down and returned to...

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It was a busy day for Eastbourne RNLI today. This morning our All Weather Lifeboat Diamond Jubilee was lifted out the water for her routine hull inspection, as expected she passed with flying colours. Once she was safely back in the water it was then time to go to The Inshore Lifeboat station and take delivery of a relief D Class Lifeboat that will be on station while our D Class Lifeboat goes away for her three yearly refit. All equipment was quickly swapped over and made ready for service. Thank you to volunteer crew Alan Simister, Alex Emberley ,Craig Robinson and Jim Edwards for giving up time today to help Coxswain Mark Sawyer. ...

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Wow thank you so much everyone we have just gone past 4,000 likes on our Facebook page. It means so much to us all here at Eastbourne RNLI for all your good wishes and the support that you give us. 😊 ...

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Wow only 23 more likes to our facebook page and we have hit 4,000 . Lets see how long it takes to achieve this . Thankyou so much to all you wonderful people who follow and support us all at Eastbourne RNLI. 😊 ...

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RNLI Eastbourne shared Newhaven Lifeboat's Float to live. ...

A powerful RNLI video which could help you stay alive in cold water.

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For this morning's exercise our All Weather Lifeboat and Inshore Lifeboat met up with our friends from Newhaven Lifeboat for a training exercise in reduced visibility 1 mile south of Beachy Head . This included navigation , radar and towing . As always a pleasure to meet up with our flank station. Thanks guys. 👍 ...

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