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Exhausted windsurfer rescued by Eastbourne RNLI

Vigilant members of the public alerted Dover Coastguard by dialling 999 when they spotted a windsurfer in difficulties off Pevensey Bay on Wednesday afternoon (28 Dec).  Unable to combat both wind and tide the windsurfer was struggling to make his way back to shore and was becoming exhausted. Fortunately, members of the public had observed his dilemma and alerted Dover Coastguard who immediately requested the launch of Eastbourne RNLI’s inshore lifeboat to assist. Before launching, the volunteer crew had to negotiate their way through traffic generated by bargain hunting shoppers but were still on scene within a few minutes. The windsurfer and his craft were taken aboard the ILB and returned safely to the beach from where he set...

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Lucky escape for lone yachtsman off Eastbourne

A lone yachtsman sailing his 32ft boat was saved from potential disaster by the vigilance of passersby when they reported their concerns to HM Coastguard having watched the erratic course of the yacht which had strayed dangerously close inshore.  Having received several 999 calls Dover Coastguard requested the launch of RNLI Eastbourne’s all weather lifeboat to investigate. Locating the vessel approximately one mile from the entrance to Sovereign Harbour heading inshore in shallow water lifeboat coxswain Mark Sawyer instructed the skipper to alter course immediately to avoid foundering on the beach. Having guided the yacht to safer water communications confirmed that the lone yachtsman had become disorientated in the darkness and was unable to locate the harbour entrance. Unwilling to accept assistance aboard his own vessel the yachtsman requested guidance into harbour. The ALB escorted the vessel into the locks at Sovereign Harbour where it was met by a waiting Coastguard...

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Eastbourne lifeboats try to save aground yacht at Beachy Head

Both Eastbourne RNLI lifeboats were launched into urgent service on Weds evening to a 30ft yacht which had run aground on Beachy Head Ledge and was taking on water at an alarming rate  A 30ft yacht with three people on board had misjudged the tides and currents around Beachy Head and had struck the submerged ledge with considerable force and had become holed. Two of the crew had managed to scramble across the rocks to shore leaving the skipper alone on board. On the limit of its operational ability, the inshore lifeboat with Peter Needham at the helm, skilfully manoeuvred into a position where crewman Andy Chatton could be put onto the ledge and negotiate his way across the treacherous rocks to the grounded yacht to render assistance. With the tide in full flood the sea conditions were becoming increasing more challenging as the rescue progressed. Andy managed to drop the yacht’s sails and thus reduce the pressure on the hull but too much damage had already been sustained and the water ingress was becoming severe. Peter used the ILB to ferry additional crewmen Dan Guy and Ian Stringer along with the powerful salvage pump from the all weather lifeboat to the stricken vessel whilst taking the shocked skipper to the safety of the ALB in a display of remarkable seamanship. With the salvage pump unable to cope with...

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Mayday launch for Eastbourne lifeboat

Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat was launched into a dark and stormy night (3 Nov) in response to a Mayday distress call from the 2125 tonne trawler Scombrus, 17 miles south of Sovereign Harbour, after a member of crew was lost overboard.  After steaming at maximum speed for well over an hour the ALB arrived on scene to find that the crewman, who was fortunately wearing his life jacket, had been located by his colleagues and recovered to his vessel having been in the water for over 30 minutes. Coastguard rescue helicopter 104 arrived on scene at approximately the same time as the lifeboat. Volunteer lifeboat crewmen Dr Stephen Lytton and paramedic Guy Emery were put aboard the trawler to assess the casualty who they found to be suffering from cold and shock; he had also sustained an injury to his ankle which would have made transfer to the lifeboat difficult. In the circumstances it was decided to airlift the casualty to the District General Hospital at Eastbourne. In a skilful manoeuvre a winch-man was lowered from the helicopter onto the rolling deck of the trawler to prepare the casualty for transfer. They were then lifted into the helicopter and transported to the new pad at the DGH. The lifeboat meanwhile made its long way back to station where it was made ready for...

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Hectic moments on Saturday morning for Eastbourne lifeboats

Both Eastbourne RNLI’s lifeboats were launched on Saturday morning (29 Oct) to two separate incidents within 20 minutes of each other  The first call to service, requested by Dover Coastguard, was following a report from Police Helicopter H900 that two people were apparently cut off by the flooding tide on the beach below the cliffs at Beachy Head. When on scene the Eastbourne inshore lifeboat volunteer crew found that the couple were well aware of the tidal situation and were content to wait until their exit from the area was safe. In the second incident, just 20 minutes later, Eastbourne RNLI’s all weather lifeboat was launched to assist a small angling boat which had become entangled in discarded fishing nets three miles off Sovereign Harbour. Once on scene volunteer crewman Tim Guy was transferred to the casualty vessel to rig a towline. The vessel was then returned to the safe water of the outer harbour where a workboat took over the tow and returned it to its...

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09:00 Collection at Railway Station @ Eastbourne railway station
Collection at Railway Station @ Eastbourne railway station
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10:00 Quirky Sussex – Kevin Gordon @ Langham Hotel
Quirky Sussex – Kevin Gordon @ Langham Hotel
Apr 13 @ 10:00 – 12:00
£2 for Members, £3 for their guests and £5 for visitors Members meeting but open to guest and visitors. Kevin Gordon is a local historian with a lifelong interest in the history of Sussex.  He[...]

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