Whilst undertaking competency based training and assessments the crew of both Eastbourne lifeboats had to brave freezing conditions when they were called into action yesterday evening.  

Shortly before 6pm both boats were requested to launch by Dover Coastguard in response to reports of a person in the water west of Eastbourne pier. When on scene the ILB found the distressed person to be ashore and in the custody of Police and Coastguard Officers. Both boats were stood down and made ready for service.

With training resumed, another request to launch the all-weather lifeboat was received at 9.10pm. A crewman had been taken ill aboard a 20 metre yacht off Beachy Head on passage to the Solent and his condition was causing concern. Once more the volunteer crew, including Dr. Stephen Lytton and Paramedic Guy Emery launched into the freezing night. When the patient’s condition had been assessed he was transferred to the lifeboat and taken to Sovereign Harbour where he was passed into the care of a waiting ambulance crew for onward transportation to Eastbourne DGH.