Person cut off by tide

Both boats were diverted from Sunday morning’s crew training exercises to search for a person or persons reported to be cut off by the rising tide between Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, Coastguard rescue helicopter 163...

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UPDATE. Person recovered by Coastguard Helicopter safe and well . Helicopter and both Eastbourne Lifeboats now stood down and returned to stations. ...

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Both Eastbourne Lifeboats and Coastguard helicopter 163 are currently on a call looking for people cut off by the tide between Birling Gap and Seven Sisters. ...

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RNLI Eastbourne shared a link. ...

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This amazing picture was taken by Matt Cooper during Tuesday nights storm of our All Weather Lifeboat under an arch of lightning whilst she sits on her moorings at Sovereign Harbour. Thanks Matt for letting us share this. ...

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Some pictures taken by Carl Pocock Lifeboat Operations Manager , of the The All Weather Lifeboat returning two yachts to the safety of Sovereign Harbour on Saturday nights call outs. ...

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